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After doing the 5-day course on Digital Marketing by Nish, I became more aware of the way products and services are advertised online. It is interesting to know this as a consumer as well as a marketeer. With a couple of case studies and live demonstrations, the faculty helped in explaining how the digital marketing machinery works and can be put to the best usage.

Iha Pravin Student at Vedica Scholars Programme for Women April 16, 2018

What I liked about Nish Bhutani is his way of teaching and putting across the concepts with a hands on practical approach like discussing the Flintobox case by bringing in the founders of Flintobox. He always encouraged brainstorming and welcomed the idea of putting up questions.

Bhunisha Bisen Student at Vedica Scholars Programme for Women April 16, 2018

I personally liked Nish Bhutani's classes since they gave me a gist of what Digital Marketing as a field primarily consists of. This has opened a new avenue for my career. The content of the classes were basic and understandable which suited to a diverse background of Vedica and since it didn't demand any prerequisite knowledge from us.  I much rather strongly look forward to a deeper exposure so as to be able to gain a hands-on experience and come to a conclusion of how I can leverage these learnings to my advantage.

Isbah Ajaz Student at Vedica Scholars Programme for Women April 16, 2018

Nish and the Indiginus team have very deep digital experience, both globally and within India. They not only helped our team gain deeper knowledge about digital, but also worked with us to generate innovative ideas for our digital marketing strategy, articulate implementation specifics, and design our digital organisation. Would certainly recommend Nish to any organization which needs a digital strategy.

Manoj Sai Namburu | Chairman & MD | Alliance Real Estate www.alliancein.com March 19, 2018