Digital for Finance Professionals

Talk of a digital future feels almost clichéd these days –our daily life already revolves inexorably around the trends and nuances of the digital world. The twin forces of “Digital” and “Millennial” are converging – and the result is a socioeconomic disruption of the likes not seen since the original Industrial Revolution.

This revolution has begun in many industries, and gathered great force in others - finance being amongst those at the forefront. Disruptions in payments and lending have gained scale, the use of cloud technologies, big data and AI are common, robo-advisory is gaining popularity, while crypto-currencies and blockchain promise entirely new paradigms.

Finance leaders are discussing the need to change the talent structure and adopt “bold plays” to prepare for the future. There is a general sense of appreciation of the urge to change – the question however remains, where to start. Through this course, we wish to introduce the building blocks of this change and suggest a direction for Finance Professionals to prepare themselves for the inescapably disruptive future.

About this workshop series

In this interactive two-day bootcamp, you'll learn the fundamentals of how digital technologies and practices are being applied to the finance industry, and how they may impact the industry’s future. Through real-world case studies and sessions with leading finance and fin-tech executives and experts, you will learn how the technology revolution in finance is playing out. Through hands-on activities, you'll develop an on-the-ground understanding of how digital technologies and practices are being applied in finance. Through exposure to future technologies and the companies that are leveraging them, you will gain an understanding of what the future of finance will look like.

Key Takeaways from Day 1

An understanding of how finance companies are deploying digital strategies, products, marketing and the use of data, to further existing and new value propositions for their customers:

  • How strategy in a digital world is different from conventional business strategy.
  • How to design customer-centric digital products (apps, websites), and improve the odds of customer traction with your products.
  • How digital marketing, including search engine marketing (SEM) and optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, email, mobile, SMS and content marketing, is being used by finance companies to drive awareness, engagement, retention and advocacy.
  • The importance of data - its collection, use and analysis, including the use of AI and Machine Learning - in the digital realm.
  • What skill sets and job roles are required in digital businesses, and how companies are creating cultures in which digital innovation can thrive.


Key Takeaways from Day 2

How digital is changing the world of finance:

  • An overview of how the financial services landscape is changing, which companies are winning and losing, and what the future is likely to look like.
  • Case study of how an established large bank has leveraged digital technology effectively to deepen customer relationships and drive profits.
  • Case study of a fin-tech consumer lending startup, that has seen rapid growth, on the strength of using digital technologies and data analytics.
  • Case study demonstrating the use of AI, Machine Learning and Big Data to drive business objectives.
  • How investment management is changing, and will continue to change, in a digital era.
  • The future of money: cryptocurrencies, and their underlying technology: blockchain.
  • Hands on exercises and problem solving to gain familiarity with digital technologies, as applied to finance


Who Should Enroll

  • Finance CxOs who want to make better strategic and organisational decisions to drive growth and efficiencies for their organisations in a digital era
  • Senior level finance managers who don’t want to be left out of the digital future in finance
  • Fin-tech executives and senior managers, who want to get a broader understanding of the impact of digital


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