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Know digital to innovate in digital
You have a website. You are on Facebook.  But are they having a big impact on your business? Do you have an innovative digital strategy?  Is your team equipped to execute on it?   Is it driving massive business growth and internal efficiencies for you?
If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, you must act.  Fast.
Too many digital projects fail because they have been executed without a holistic strategy, or because senior management and key leaders have not taken the time to understand the digital medium.  Projects are outsourced, vendors build on their own steam, and the outcome ranges from suboptimal to downright disappointing.Digital technologies and practices are not like payroll operations, which can simply be outsourced to a vendor.  Digital has become a way of life for your customers and fast becoming a way of working, for your competitors.  It is embedded in every aspect of life and work. At Indiginus, we believe you must own, live and breathe your digital strategy, before deciding which pieces to build and operate, or outsource.  
Read our founder & CEO Nish Bhutani’s article in the Mint on why.
We come from the digital world, with decades of experience behind us in building successful, digital-centric businesses. Our belief is, whether you regard yourself as a tech company or not, you must learn from the practices of digital leaders, who have created new markets, and invaded existing ones, with stunning speed.
Take a buzzword that is being thrown around liberally these days - Artificial Intelligence. AI was once for the big tech companies.  That is no longer the case.  Did you know that YOU can use it cheaply and easily in your business, to understand what is driving customer churn, reduce manual work to drive operational efficiencies, or to forecast key business outcomes?  
What you get
Our digital innovation process, centered around a 2-day workshop, along with prep and follow up work, is designed to generate a winning digital strategy and implementation roadmap for your business.
We use real-world case studies, including those authored by Indigenous, sessions by leading industry practitioners, and content and exercises that are tailored to the specific needs of your business and industry.
We also bring in industry experts in digital fields that are relevant to your company.  These can come from areas such as digital marketing, data analytics, cloud computing, digital product management, etc.
Case studies and guest experts educate your leadership team and key employees on how other companies have used digital to drive tangible value.  These examples are used as inspiration to generate specific ideas for your strategy, and concepts for implementation, which we craft in conjunction with your team.
We also create a roadmap of specific projects, including execution details, for your team to use going forward.
Getting you the right digital talent
Our workshops upgrade the knowledge base of your existing team.  But often, teams also need an infusion of new blood and fresh ideas.  We draw upon our networks to access some of the best talents in the digital industry, in partnership with reputed recruitment firm Longhouse, and their subsidiary CareerNet.
We help design your digital organization, write detailed job descriptions for roles, conduct a talent search, do screening interviews to identify the best-suited candidates, and help you close the hiring process with them.