Issue 01

Indiginus Newsletter Issues
Indiginus Newsletter Issues

Dear Reader,

In this, the first edition of our monthly newsletter, we discuss the number one reason most digital marketing campaigns fail – because they don’t engage in conversation with online users.

What do I mean by “conversation”? Listening and responding to users, in real-time, as they interact with your online marketing. How do you do that? Read below to find out.

But before that, a quick word on this newsletter. There are plenty of sources that share links related to digital business and technology. Our promise to you, dear reader, is to bring you original thought and interpretation, and not just a collection of links.

Hope you will find it valuable. If you do, and especially if you have suggestions, please write to us or leave a comment on our blog. You just have to hit ‘reply’ to reach our ‘[email protected]’ email address. We hate ‘donotreply’ emails. After all, one must remain open to conversation.

Nish Bhutani,
Founder & CEO, Indiginus

Indiginus Thought Piece

The No. 1 Reason Digital Marketing Campaigns Fail

Let’s dream a little. Pretend I am a 25 year old man (as I said, let’s dream), wanting to get married to the love of my life, but money is a constraint. I type “marriage loans” into Google. Reassuringly, and this is a real example, India’s largest online lender, Bajaj Finserv, declares in its search ad: “Plan your dream wedding | Loan assist from Bajaj Finserv”.

So far so good.  But not for long.

I click on the link, and suddenly, it’s as if the nice person at Bajaj I was talking to has disappeared.  The page I land on mentions personal loans, and interest rates, and filling out a form and other details but there is no mention of how they will help me with my wedding!  

You may say, what’s the difference?  You were looking for a personal loan, weren’t you?  

Well, there are both emotional and practical reasons to continue the thread of conversation, and as we have seen on projects with our clients, these result in large differences in conversion to sale.

How we applied digital conversations successfully...

We applied the concept of conversations in digital marketing for Bharat Matrimony, by creating segment-specific experiences. After all, the parent of a daughter does not think about marriage in the same way as a single young man.

We are grateful for the appreciation of Bharat Matrimony CEO, Murugavel Janakiraman:

“Working with our team, Indiginus drove large improvements in user registration by applying business objectives and data-driven customer insights to thoughtful customer experience design… Sizeable results were obtained in a short duration of time, which helped us significantly improve the return on our marketing spend on TV and online.”

One-sided conversations neither inform nor educate, and whatever information is shared will likely be dismissed or quickly forgotten on the receiving end.

How Indiginus can drive your growth

We drive growth for ambitious businesses through digital strategies, execution oversight, and by building organisational capabilities.

Unlike agencies and tech consultants, we sit on your side of the table, and partner with you to drive results while preparing your leaders and teams for a digital future through coaching, upskilling and recruitment.  

Think of us as an extension of your team. You know your business. We know digital.