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Dear Reader,

If your ERP or CRM systems are software, so is your customer-facing website, right? Wrong. Think of it more like a retail store or service centre. These physical locations craft their experience around customer needs, and draw upon varied skills to do so. So must your website and app.

It is common to see the same company pair impeccable physical spaces with clunky online ones. Creating offline and online experiences requires the coordination of diverse skill sets, but the coordination of digital skills – ranging from technology to data to design – requires talent that is harder to find. This is a byproduct of the relative newness of the digital medium, but also of educational systems that don’t emphasise interdisciplinary thinking.  

The answer lies in focusing on recruiting and developing talent that is motivated by customer success, and comfortable with a range of left and right brain skills. Businesses are still working this out. The ones who get it right have a big leg up when it comes to digital. Learn more in the Indiginus Thought Piece below.

Nish Bhutani,
Founder & CEO, Indiginus

Indiginus Thought Piece

Does your team have a digital orchestrator?

Having an digital orchestrator to run the business grow

How do companies today think about the digital medium, and the skills needed to succeed in it? ‘Digital’ means different things to different people. The parable of the blind men and the elephant comes to mind. Depending on the part of the beast one touches, and one’s preconceived notions, a different answer emerges. Some think of digital as a source of leads, and assign it to marketing. Many regard it as software, and put the CTO in charge. Others might think of it primarily as a communication medium, and bury it under PR.

A more holistic approach is to think of digital from the customer’s point of view. The customer sees the totality of their digital experience, without heed to the component parts of software, content, design, etc. Let’s take the analogy of a physical retail store. Creating a thriving store requires the coordinated work of a range of people – architects, civil engineers, building contractors, internal designers, lighting and display experts, merchandisers, marketers, IT personnel, sales analysts and salespeople. A retailing expert leads and coordinates the activities of this diverse team.

Similarly, successful digital experiences draw upon a diverse set of skills, including customer understanding, content, tech software and services, user interface design and data analytics. In addition, and perhaps most crucially, someone needs to orchestrate the work of these diverse individuals to create an integrated experience that resonates with customers. That ‘digital orchestrator’ is usually referred to as a product manager or head of product. In smaller organisations, the head of digital or chief digital officer may also play this role.

Looking for business growth via digital? We did it for Healthspring, and we can do it for you.

Do you run an ambitious business looking to grow via digital? We can orchestrate that growth. That’s exactly what we did for Healthspring. Businesses satisfied with the status-quo need not apply.

Healthspring runs a network of 25 primary care clinics in 3 cities. Besides crafting a digital growth strategy for Healthspring, Indiginus optimised their online acquisition channel through a mix of customer understanding, campaign optimisation, experience design, content creation, technology tools and data analytics.  

Our efforts led to an increase in the percentage of website visitors converting to Healthspring clinic inquiries by a massive 7x. If business growth interests you, write to us at [email protected] or simply reply to this email. 

Being a CEO is harder than ever. The rapid pace of change in business and technology means that more and more companies will find themselves being disrupted.

Today, many organisations need a completely different kind of leader: a “digital leader” who can build teams, keep people connected and engaged, and drive a culture of innovation, risk tolerance, and continuous improvement.

How Indiginus helps companies find the right digital talent

To help clients find the right talent, recruiters must have a deep understanding of the desired role. Based on our own experience in companies we have started or worked in, we found recruiters to have only a surface understanding of the digital space. Why should a recruiter pass along a candidate for a paid marketing role to a client, when they haven’t tested that client for deep skills in that area?  Yet, this happens all the time. The reality is one can’t screen for digital roles, if one hasn’t worked in a digital role and culture.

As part of our commitment to capability-building for our clients, we decided to add recruitment to our digital organisational design services. We don’t impress clients with the sheer volume of resumes sent. Instead, we screen and interview for quality and fit, before forwarding candidates that we would be happy to hire ourselves. At Indiginus, we are digital specialists first, and recruiters next. Feel free to reach out to us to find the right digital fit for your company.