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Indiginus Newsletter Issues
Indiginus Newsletter Issues

Dear Reader,

“When Sir approves it”. That was the answer I heard in a workshop, when asking a digital marketing team when they considered their job done.  

As you can guess, this is not a formula for bottoms-up innovation. Truth is, there is no formula for innovation.  You can only create the right conditions for it. Like a wild plant, innovation takes hold and flourishes in the right environment.  

As leaders, we want our teams to drive innovation. We want the flow of ideas to reverse their established course, and go bottoms-up rather than top-down. Yet, as impatient achievers, we are also guilty of over-directing, and rewarding those in the ranks who follow our instructions with great precision.  

Innovation demands that we let go, and not run our companies like a well-oiled machine. After all, people are more than machine parts, and if they only execute in accordance with their defined function, where will they find room to innovate? 

Watch the next episodes of Indiginus Talks below, to learn why your culture may not be encouraging innovation.

Nish Bhutani,
Founder & CEO, Indiginus

The CEO's dilemma - why is my team lacking in bottoms up innovation?

Indiginus Talks: Season 1, Episode 2

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It doesn’t have the most glamorous of names, but bottom-up innovation can bring results. Businesses have traditionally set direction from the top-down, with executives communicating which areas and products the company will go into or produce.

How to hire for a key role after interviewing ONE candidate

Your company culture changes for the better, or worse, depending on how well you hire.  Indiginus recently placed a candidate in the role of Head of Technology and Product at a client running a leading global omnichannel marketplace.  

The hiring funnel looked like this:

Profiles evaluated by Indiginus: 400+ >
Shortlisted: 50 >
Indiginus first-round: 10  >
Indiginus second round: 4 >
Recommended to the client: 1 >

Not only did the client meet only one candidate, they only saw one resume after our detailed HR, product and tech evaluation. 

It won’t always work to this level of perfection, but with the extensive digital and tech experience of our consultants who double up as interviewers and screeners, we aim to impress clients with quality, not volume.

Reach out to us if you want digital experts, not resume shufflers, to help you bring in star performers.

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