Issue 06

Indiginus Newsletter Issues
Indiginus Newsletter Issues

Dear Reader,

At Indiginus, we repeatedly emphasise that digital marketing and sales are a two-way conversation. The user asks for something by entering a few words into Google, and the company responds with a precise answer. Or at least, that’s what users expect.  But they don’t always get it.

Take an example. Suppose Toyota is advertising on a competitor’s search term, say on the search phrase “Honda City”. If the user clicks through to Toyota after searching for a Honda, they have effectively told you “Tell me why a Toyota is a better choice than the Honda I was looking for”.

But, instead of showing comparisons against key competitors upfront, companies will almost always land you onto a generic promotional page, communicating all-things-wonderful about Toyota.

In this month’s newsletter, we analyse the digital marketing approach of leading players in a fast-growing sector in India – health insurance.

Nish Bhutani,
Founder & CEO, Indiginus

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