Original Content

We capture some of the most forward-thinking innovations of digital companies in Indiginus-authored case studies. These include case studies of Flintobox, which used digital-only marketing to grow its sales 16x in 24 months; and IndiaLends, which grew sales 20x in 12 months through effective use of digital data.

Indiginus content has real-life case studies and cuts across areas such as digital strategy, lean startup methodologies, products, marketing, content, data analytics and current and emerging technologies.

We tell real-world digital stories, for real-world learning

Our proprietary case studies tell the stories of the most innovative companies in the digital ecosystem. These detailed online case studies include video interviews, demos and insights into business issue and strategy on one end, and tech decisions and operational execution, on the other. We take the point of view of the digital innovator, irrespective of their job function, and deliver a holistic view of what it takes for a digital business or initiative to be successful.

Our original case studies include:

The Flintobox Growth Story: how a consumer business selling entirely on the Internet, used digital marketing to grow its sales 24x in 12 months

Data-Fuelled Growth at IndiaLends: how an online consumer lending company grew its revenue 20x in 12 months, driven by its data-driven strategy, culture and execution

Flintoclass: The Pre-School Dilemma : how “lean startup” concepts were used to test the success of a new business, before risking capital and management attention.

Machine Learning in Practice: 5 mini-case studies of companies using machine learning to further growth and customer understanding

Indiginus case studies are supplemented with case studies and learning materials from Harvard Business School, and its partners, including Stanford, IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and ISB.